The first GEAR UP Ambassadors Plan to Make Changes At Their School!

9 brave souls from Warden High School applied for and were accepted into the GEAR UP Ambassador Program. Starting in June, these 9 students attended a training at Moses Lake High School, where they learned what it took to be a GEAR UP ambassador. Following that training, students attended the August 5-7 training put on by the GEAR UP office in Tri-Cities. This training took place at Washington State University in Pullman, and students were able to learn more about networking, teambuilding, and even got to listen to an AWESOME speaker.

One of the ambassadors commented, "Being an ambassador is a much bigger responsibility than I thought it was going to be, but it is going to be fun, and I think we are going to make people excited to go to college." The first planning that the ambassadors have started working on is planning a fun and exciting GEAR UP week in September. Stay tuned to see more from your Warden High School GEAR UP Ambassadors! 

Warden High School College Fair High School had a crazy week of parent teacher conferences and half days in March, so GEAR UP and the school counselor decided to have an all-day in school College fair. Some of the colleges that joined up were Big Bend Community College, Columbia Basin College, Washington State University, and Eastern Washington University. Along with being able to attend their choice of presentations students also attended a SAT/ACT crash course prep. We helped get them registered on the websites and answer questions they may have had. The turnout for colleges was great and students enjoyed being able to talk to many different representatives. 

Warden GEAR UP moves locations!!

Now that GEAR UP has fully moved into the high school is was time for the GEAR UP room to be moved as well. We are now located in the old ISS room next to the boys bathroom! We spent the first part of the summer moving all of our equipment and decorating our new room to match the GEAR UP spirit. We have our walls lined with pennants from all different colleges. We have a college corner where we have deadlines for applications, SAT's, ACT's and scholarship information. Our tutors or up to date on processes to help students complete all these tasks. We still have our mobile lab where students can come work on projects and tutors are always available to assist in the room! GEAR UP is doing great things at Warden High School!

Brooklyn Cole represents Warden in the 8th Grade Career showcase!

Warden’s very own Brooklyn Cole represents Warden in the 8th grade Career Showcase! She is a smart young lady that is very determined. Brooklyn presented on being an Orthodontist and had her friend Sherlock there to help her. Sherlock is a skeleton head that she was able to use to show more about teeth to the audience. She had the crowd laughing but very interested through her entire presentation. She represented Warden well throughout her entire presentation.

Not only is Brooklyn our Career presenter, which means she out presented all other 8th graders in our entire school, but she is also a leader in our school. She works closely with GEAR UP staff in working our events and trying to assist us with our trips. She is involved in the ASB and is a major leader in our school. Brooklyn Cole will continue to be a great leader in our school and make us proud throughout her journey.


Career Awareness in Warden Middle School!

As the school year continues into the spring semester the Warden Middle School 8th grades are gearing up for another eventful Career Showcase. This annual event will take place April 25th, 2014. For the students preparations have already begin including taking the W.O.I.S. (Washington Occupational Information Service) exam where students are asked a number of questions regarding their different interests in Math, Science, Reading and Writing. The test then gives them reports of careers, that based on the way they answered the questions, would be good options for them to consider. The students will then choose a career that is of interest to him or her. They will compile information about the job and learn different aspects of that job from, how much schooling is involved, to what the annual salary is for someone in that occupation currently. They will also learn about job duties and other aspects of the business. Once the students have completed all of this they will then present their reports to Mrs. Brown, and GEAR UP site director Mrs. Bates. The top student will then attend the show case in April with the chance to win a laptop.  

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