Touchet GEAR UP Summer STEM program

This summer at Touchet School marked the second year of the Summer STEM focus. Students participated in hands on activities in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Classes were taught by Touchet School Math and chemistry teacher Karl Loree. Students had week long sessions and week had a different focus. Activities included bridge building and design, robotics, rocketry, forensic science and math. The new twist to this year summer was the forensic science. Mr. Loree used a crime scene kit that made students act as if they were forensic scientist. They used DNA, finger print and hair samples to solve a crime. The students were very involved and it was a good hands on learning tool that helped put things into focus on what it would be like to be a crime scene investigator. During the rocketry unit students used home made devices and math equations to calculate heights of rockets. Students would record the data in their logs and Mr. Loree would them analyze the data. All in all it was a good summer and the students involved had a great time and learned in the process

Touchet GEAR UP Summer STEM program

This year the Touchet GEAR UP summer program had one focus for the summer program, STEM. 7th-11th grade students were involved in hands on Science, Technology, Engineering and math projects all summer.

The first session was taught by Touchet science teacher Mr. Gregg. Students extracted DNA from wheat germ, designed and built bridges out of pop cycle sticks, learned about absorption, and collected and classified different leaf types. Students had a good time and learned valuable information at the same time.

The next session was taught by Touchet math teacher Mr. Loree. Students were involved in many math problems that dealt with real life. They learned to do probabilities, algebra, and designing and constructing a building out of craft sticks using math. The summer was captured on video and them turned into a culminating video by Mr. Elsasser. Students learned to edit and make movies.

The summer ended with a trip to Seattle to visit the Museum of flight, Pacific science center, and a visit to the University of Washington. It was a very busy summer but was the best summer program we have had at Touchet.

Former Touchet GEAR UP student returns as a GEAR UP tutor

Touchet graduate and GEAR UP alum Taylor Gregg returned to Touchet this summer as a GEAR UP tutor. A 2009 graduate of Touchet High School and GU student, Taylor returned to his Alma mater to tutor during the summer STEM program at Touchet School. Taylor is a current student of WSU Tri Cities and is pursuing a History degree and hopes to become a High School history teacher. Taylor brought a lot of familiarity to the STEM program this summer as was an instant hit with the students. Many of the students remembered Taylor from High school when they were in elementary school and enjoyed learning from him. Taylor teamed up with his dad, Touchet science teacher, and delivered some good hands on activities that kept the kids engaged and learning the entire summer. We want to thank Taylor for his time and hope to have him back again next summer. Good luck in the pursuit of your degree.

Touchet Senior Parent Night

Touchet Senior Parent NightOn September 30, 2013 Touchet held its first senior parent night of the year. 75 students, parents, and presenters were in attendance and received some valuable information. Students and parents listened to presentations from Central Washington University, Walla Walla University, Walla Walla Community College, Touchet educational foundation, GEAR UP, and the school counselor. They received information about scholarship opportunities, financial aid nights, application process and deadlines, and upcoming trips to college campuses. Parents were very involved in asking questions and learning about opportunities for their kids. Students were able to fill out a free application to WWU which normally cost $40. In addition, they received good news from the Touchet Educational foundation about scholarships available by simply filling out the application. It was a very positive and informative night and students and parents will meet again in December to start filling out the FAFSA. Parents are nervous and excited to start this new chapter with their kids.

Touchet visits WSU Pullman

On December 5, 2012, 38 Touchet High school students spent the day at WSU Pullman. Students took a guided tour of the campus, received a presentation from the admissions and financial aid departments, ate lunch with the WSU students and ended with some Ferdinands ice cream. Students were amazed at the size of the campus and all the programs that WSU had to offer. Students gained a good understanding of what the phrase “ Cougar calves” means. The campus tour in the cold weather allowed students to get a feel for what it is like to walk in between classes in the wind and snow. The trip was highlighted by two former Touchet graduates, who are WSU freshman, walking on the tour and sharing their experiences at WSU with our students. It was great for our kids to see that if they can make it at a big campus then they can too. The trip concluded with an ice cream stop at Ferdinands and some souvenirs from the book store. The trip was a success in that many students came away with a great understanding of what the university has to offer and what campus life is like.

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