Blooming through April at Prosser High

Kassidy Bush showing her bunny to two kinder students from Keene-RiverviewWhile the flowers are blooming and spring is here, students are coming back from spring break and back in gear to get grades up.

Before Spring Break there were parent/ teacher/ student conferences. There were a total of about 390 of our cohort kids that came with parents to talk to their teachers and how they are doing so far in school. Both freshman and sophomore student saw what grades they have so far, if they are on track to graduate, if their community service hours are being met and what classes they will be taking next year. Teachers did let students know of the opportunities the school has to get caught up on credits. A few students are taking APEX at the moment to retrieve lost credit.

Once students came back from spring break the FFA club, and AFNR classes had their annual Griz’s Farm. Students that are in the FFA club or any AFNR classes were given the opportunity to bring in a farm animal and display it for the other students and other community members. This event took place at the high school outside of the Agriculture department. Students that have AFNR classes were there to help other students and community members around the farm. Elementary schools from Prosser brought their students over to enjoy seeing the animals. It was nice seeing our high school kids be tour guides to our future mustangs around the farm.

A few students were also inducted into the national honors society. There were 36 sophomore students with a 3.5 or above G.P.A and 39 freshmen. In total we had 12 freshmen students with a 4.0 and 13 sophomores. Congratulations to our freshman students who are Leah Blakney, Eliza Buttars, Jennifer Cantu, Curtis Clute, Natalie Gray, Cyndal Johnson, Natalie Norell, Seth Peters, Keely Teel, Davina Trujillo, Tania Villalba, and Cristyan Zepeda who were inducted into the honors society. Our sophomores are Destinee Berg, Lacey Desserault, Esequiel Godinez, Katrina Hansen, Kaylee James, Emily Lansing, Joshua Lancing, Gerald Lemmon, Luis Lopez, Alyssa Meza, Christian Rivera, Monica Serley, and Mackensie Smithyman were inducted into the honors society this year and all of these students were able to maintain a 4.0. Good job and keep up the hard work.

After spring break PHS administration had a meeting with about 30 cohort students to talk about credit retrieval for Algebra. These students have the opportunity to get their lost credit for 1st semester in algebra. All these students need to do is show up during lunch Mondays and Wednesdays until the end of the year to get that credit back. Once their credit is earned he/she will be free to enjoy their lunch time with friends. Students have been showing up and are taking advantage of this opportunity that is being given to them. A contract signing took place as well.

Throughout this week there was a vehicle on campus to talk of the importance of our students to be responsible and to make wise and choices about drinking and driving. A guest speaker came in Wednesday to talk to students about drinking and driving. At the beginning the speaker engaged kids with jokes and life situations that had occurred in his life, towards the end he gave a positive message to the students to not drink and drive. He talked about his experience and hoped to reach out to the students. It’s not worth losing your life or putting others at risk while being under the influence. In ten seconds anything can happen. Live life to the fullest but be smart about the decisions you make. This month has indeed been a busy month for our students, now with basically one more month left, time is ticking and it’s now or never to start kicking gear to get grades up and ask questions on credits and anything that will help them succeed. On the 23rd of April there was a Drug and Alcohol parent awareness night.

Upcoming events May 1-2 FFA plant sale, May 4th Cinco de Mayo Assembly, AP testing 4-13,Migrant PAC meeting May 8, and AVID family night May 20.

March Madness 2015 at Prosser High

The month of March at Prosser High School has been hectic and very busy as students and staff prepare for conference week and for the upcoming spring break. At our most recent ambassador meeting, topics discussed included GEAR UP Week 2015 as well as the upcoming 4-H Conference that will be taking place this summer at WSU Pullman. Our students are very excited to have the opportunity to attend this event, some for the second year in a row. 

Here at GEAR UP, we are taking steps to both wrap up the end of the 2014-2015 school year and already planning for the school year to come. One thing we have been putting our attention towards is an event that we are calling  “GEAR UP’s Got Talent”. It is essentially a talent show that our Ambassadors will be using as a fundraiser. This event may also possibly include a silent auction and it will also incorporate facts and concerns about financial aid and college preparation. GEAR Up’s Got Talent will be held next school year in September during National GEAR UP week. Though it’s still a ways from now, our plan is to audition most of our acts in the coming months so that we can prepare and put on the best talent show we possibly can.

During conference week, our GEAR UP staff will be hard at work translating for parents and students who only speak Spanish so they can foster a greater relationship with the teachers and further expand the line of communication from parent, to student, to teacher.

After spring break there are only five weeks remaining in the school year, but the GEAR UP staff here at Prosser High School is dedicated to getting the most out of our students until the very end of the year.

Prosser HS 2015 Student success

This month we want to take the time to recognize 3 outstanding students.

Our vice president is Edith Raya and she is a 10th grader. Edith is very involved in school and her community. She is part of M.E.Ch.A and FFA. She also volunteers at her church as a catechist and volunteers in nursing homes. Her favorite subject in school is history because she enjoys learning new things every day. When asked what GEAR UP has done for her Edith replied, “GEAR UP has opened my eyes on opportunities that the different colleges offer and it’s helped me improve my communication skills.” Edith’s advice to other students is to stay in school, do their best, and ask for help because someone’s always there to help out. A goal Edith has is to complete 6 years of college and to become a chiropractor. 

Enrique is the co-vice president for GEAR UP and is involved in track, Explorers, and he volunteers at a bicycle shop. He is currently a sophomore and is also part of AVID. Enrique’s favorite class is English because he really enjoys reading and writing. One goal that he has for this school year is to earn at least a B+ in each class by the end of the year. As part of the GEAR UP program, one thing that GEAR UP has done for Enrique is motivate him to go to college. His favorite part of GEAR UP is learning about different colleges. When asked for any advice to other students Enrique replied, “Keep on going”. Enrique is a bright student and a hard worker.

Finally, we would like to mention Froy Contreras. Froy is the president of GEAR UP and takes part in many activities. He loves to play sports, work out, and spend time with his family. He takes part in track, basketball, and GEAR UP. His favorite class is science and one thing he hopes to do is maintain a high GPA throughout the school year. One thing that GEAR UP has done for Froy is teach him about scholarships and providing him with the information he needs to help him be prepared for college. Froy’s advice to other students is to don’t give up on school even if you’re more interested in other things like sports. Froy mentions, “my mom would always tell me to have a backup plan, that’s what motivates me to do well academically while I do sports.”

Starting 2015 at Prosser High

GEAR UP is definitely starting the year right. We would like to congratulate our 2015 GEAR UP ambassadors. President Froy Contreras, Vice President Edith Raya, Co-V.P- Enrique Acevedo, Co- Secretary Karla Martinez and Kenia Lugo, Sergeant of Arms Noah Alvarado, Marketing Jesus Acevedo. These students were prepared to give speeches in front of other students as to why they were running for the officer positions. It takes a lot of strength to go up and present to your peers. Each student did a great job. With the New Year it also brought finals. Students were able to study and turn in any missing assignments before the semester was over. Finals took place January 13-16. Some classes had a big test while others had big projects that were due. The semester was over on the 20th of January and second semester began the 21st.  Students will either change into new semester class or stay in the same classes for the rest of the year.

PHS hosted Financial Aid night; this was an opportunity to give students and parent’s information on FAFSA.  Questions were answered, and students were able to fill out their applications and see the steps it takes to fill it out. Some students did indeed complete their applications will others were missing information and had to finish up the next day.

With the break and coming back to finals GEAR UP has moved to a new office. With the move we decided to promote our new location by doing a “Relocation Bash”. This event took place January 21. Students were able to see our new office and talk about our program. Our student Ambassadors introduced themselves to the rest of their peers that came to this event. First we started with an icebreaker which was the name game. Then from there we went on to another activity. A few students volunteered their time to play a few songs. There was a great turn out, we were only expecting about 10 students but surprised to see more faces. So we did a good job in promoting this event. Overall the students enjoyed the activities, food, and entertainment we provided for them.  We are definitely looking forward to what the next month will bring for our students and team.

Upcoming events at Prosser High School are Ambassadors meeting January 28, Tri- Tech visitation January 29, Winterball January 31, Father Daughter Dance Feb 21, and Running Start informational Meeting at 6:30 February 26. 

Finishing 2014

In the month of December here at Prosser High School, our students have been eagerly working to boost their grades before the break. Progress reports came out this month, which was an eye-opener for many of the kids.

As we have mentioned before, Prosser High School is fortunate enough to be an AVID school. One of our AVID students, Enrique Acevado, has a very strong propensity for science. One great thing about the AVID program is that kids get the opportunity to teach and learn from each other, and in helping out their fellow students they are able to further their knowledge. On a day in which they had an important exam, Enrique stepped up and led the biology study group. Later that week, all of the students came back and were excited to say that they did very well on the test.

This last week we held elections for our GEAR UP ambassador officers. We had a number of highly qualified candidates apply and run for office. We will be revealing the results of the election on Friday the 19th.

During this month we also were able to put on a financial-aid night here at the school. We had about 50 students and their parents show up to learn more about ways in which college can be possible financially for local families.

In the classrooms, we are working hard to keep kids focused on the final push before winter break. Almost every math teacher is giving an exam in this last week of classes, so the students have been really seeking extra help in preparation.

Finally, Prosser High School is celebrating the winter break in a number of ways this week. Every day has been a different dress-up theme and we have been showing movies and offering free eggnog in the cafeteria. Everyone is excited for the coming break, just as soon as these exams are finished! We are definitely closing 2014 to only bring in 2015. Let’s see what the New Year has in store for our students and staff. Happy Holidays.

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