GEAR UP Peer Mentoring Training

The GEAR UP Peer Mentoring training was an amazing experience.  These two days were incredibly helpful and insightful.  From the ice breakers, to the group activities, to the sessions with WSU Tri-Cities students.  It all was a very informative experience.  The next day I had the pleasure of meeting Latrell Armstrong who gave the attendees the Focus Training. Not only was it informative, but Mr. Armstrong gave my peers and I the knowledge and awareness of what GEAR UP is capable of doing and how we can spread the idea of education after high school.  Mr. Armstrong showed us how to reach out as mentors, how to host GEAR UP events at our school, and how to develop bonds with these students who previously never thought about college.

I received a lot of insight from the college and career exploration.  Discussions with WSU students and students from other high schools brought me to think about my plan for after high school and how I can help others to think about their education after high school.  These discussions and activities made me improve my communication skills as well as my social skills.  The Focus Training on the second day equipped me with all the necessary skills to be a mentor at my school.  Team development was a huge topic at this training and this improved my teamwork skills as well as leadership skills.  I was introduced to the idea of "effective communication" which really impacted the way I talk to my peers and the students who I help mentor.

The GEAR UP Peer Mentoring Training was not only fun, and insightful, but it gave me the skills to introduce my peers to GEAR UP.  I love and support GEAR UP and its resources.  I walked into this training as a student involved in GEAR UP, and I came out as a GEAR UP student/mentor thanks to this training.

Prescott Students Visit the Wall of Money

Scholarship time is right around the corner and Prescott students are learning about the easiest way to make thousands of dollars an hour, by applying for scholarships! No longer is this something that only Seniors do, there are scholarships specifically for Juniors, there are scholarships for being over 6 feet tall. Don’t like to write long essays? How about $500 and you need to keep your application under 10 words!

The first step at Prescott is to visit Mr. Thew’s “Wall of Money” and find a scholarship that fits your eligibility. The second step is to apply, sometimes this is an essay, other times it is submission of a drawing or a haiku. Finally you need to open a bank account to store all of your newly found riches!

Prescott GEAR UP HOH III College Visitations

Prescott HS HOH III GEAR UP cohort students had an opportunity to travel on two college visitations these last few weeks. The first trip was to Eastern Washington University in Cheney. While there they took a college tour first thing and the night before it had snowed lightly, something that our students had not seen much of the last few years. The highlight of the visit was a meeting with admissions and a student panel. After the visit, a lot of the students put EWU on their list of possible colleges to attend after high school graduation.

The second visitation was to WSU Tri Cities to attend the College Planning Day. The students enjoyed the trip and found it very valuable, because they were given the opportunity to listen to four presenters from four different colleges. The students felt that GEAR UP should have more trips like this when possible. The next college visitation that Prescott GEAR UP students will have an opportunity to attend will be Business Week at Gonzaga University this summer.

GEAR UP Senior reflects on Prescott High School Years and Plans for Future

Prescott will say good bye to an exemplary student Friday at graduation. Erik Sandoval has been at our school since the third grade. He said that his experience at Prescott has been fantastic.

GEAR UP played an important role in his success. Erik attended Cougar Quest in the 9th grade, an opportunity he would not have had if GEAR UP funds were not available. “GEAR UP completely changed the direction my life was going.” said Erik of GEAR UP. “If I would have graduated at all, I certainly wouldn’t be looking at college.” Erik is enrolled at WSU in Pullman. He and his brother will attend next fall, live off campus and keep jobs to help with the costs. Both Erik and his brother Alberto are extremely interested in business administration. Erik was nominated to go to Washington DC during the summer before his junior year. During that trip he was able to visit Columbia University, NYU, and Georgetown. In all, Erik has visited 16 college campuses because of the GEAR UP grant. Erik was also invited to go to Business week and Health Care week at Gonzaga University his junior and senior years respectively. It was at Business week that he changed his occupational goal of aeronautical engineering to business. “I may change my mind again,” he said, “but that is ok because at least I know I am going to college and will have so many more options as an adult than I might have.” GEAR UP has also provided many of the students with laptops to use during school hours. Having access to technology has made all the difference.

GEAR UP HOH III Student Success 2014

Yoali Ortega is a smart and charismatic young woman. Her life goals are high, and the standards she sets for herself are not typical of others in her class. I was not at all surprised to learn that she would be competing in the GEAR UP Career Showcase at WSU Tri Cities

Yoali’s presentation was about Pediatrics. She would like to be a pediatrician and took the time to investigate what that would entail. She did not flinch at the amount of schooling or the rigor of the programs. “My dad wanted to be a doctor. It was a dream he had that can never be fulfilled. I can do this for him and for me.” Yoali said.

Parents were invited to WSU Tri Cities, enjoyed a catered meal, and watched as each student was introduced and presented their projects. Yoali said she was nervous of course, but not as nervous as she thought she would be. For their participation, each student received a Texas Instruments Graphing Calculator. In future years it is likely that Yoali will benefit from the GEAR UP program many more times before she graduates and takes the next steps into adulthood.

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