Pasco High GEAR UP Student Ambassador Awarded Gates Millennium Scholarship

Daphne Gallegos has been a GEAR UP student since 7th grade, back in 2008. She has also been a GEAR UP ambassador for Pasco High School since 2013. Gallegos one of 52,000 students that applied for the scholarship was currently awarded a Gate Millennium full ride Scholarship. In 2009 Gallegos mother became very ill. With no proper diagnose from Doctors, Gallegos and her father began researching her mothers symptoms. After two long years, Gallegos came to the conclusion her mother suffered with a rare condition called relapsing polychondritis. This is an episodic and incurable autoimmune disease. She continues to work closely with her mother’s doctors. This has influenced her decision to major in Molecular and Cellular Biology with emphasis in Bioethics and a minor in French. Gallegos is one of three Pasco School Board student representatives and also one of five valedictorians in her senior class. After narrowing her top three choices of Willamette University, Whitman College, and University of Puget Sound, she has decided to attend Whitman College in Walla Walla, WA. Pasco High GEAR UP is proud to have such an amazing and bright young student in our OVP II cohort!

Pasco High GEAR UP Students Visit Gonzaga University

On February 20th Pasco High School freshmen, sophomores, and seniors, as well as a few parents had the opportunity of visiting Gonzaga University in Spokane, WA.  Gonzaga University is medium-sized, private Roman Catholic school, founded in 1887. Students had the chance to experience college life setting first hand. About 90% of the students that attended the campus visit are first generation college students.  

While on campus students received a campus tour (includes seeing a college dorm), and admissions presentation. Gonzaga University staff also provided information regarding financial aid for postsecondary education, and scholarship opportunities. Choosing a college or university is a big step in a student’s life.  This trip gave students the opportunity to know the expectations from Gonzaga University. One parent stated “My daughter has dreamed of attending Gonzaga University ever since 7th grade. Now that we’ve had the chance to visit Gonzaga she is 100% positive this is her school.” As GEAR UP staff, it is a privilege to take students and parents to experience college campus life first hand!

Lorenzo De Zavala

Washington State University Tri-Cities GEAR UP, had the opportunity to select nine 11th grade students from Pasco High School to attend The Lorenzo De Zavala (LDZ) Youth Legislative Session in San Diego, CA. LDZ selects only 1,000 high-achieving youth across the globe. The LDZ has outfitted youth internationally with the critical skills required for success that are rarely taught at school. Moreover, students learned to increase confidence and aptitude for building collaborative relationships in group settings, increase knowledge in organization protocol and procedure, and skill advancement in public speaking.

Five students out of nine from Pasco High School had never traveled out of Washington State or flown on a plane. GEAR UP created a first time experience of traveling and visiting a new state for these bright young students. Students arrived in San Diego, CA on Sunday June 22nd. Students stayed in college dormitories at San Diego University campus from June 22-29. They had a full schedule every day, from Jazzercise early morning to educational sessions. Students even had an opportunity to share their talents, during a talent show Friday night.  In addition, they also had a chance to explore San Diego, fair grounds and enjoy the ocean view scenery Thursday evening. Every student was grateful; they had the opportunity to experience the LDZ Leadership Conference, learn the center on serving humanity and changing lives and not to mention explore a whole new state. 

Financial Literacy Presentations a success at Pasco High

On February 5, 2013 three groups of fifteen students along with their teachers had their first introduction to TG Financial Literacy Module lessons. Washington State University Tri-Cities GEAR UP in partnership with TG is working to provide more helpful information and guidance to students and their families. TG is a public, nonprofit corporation that promotes educational access and success so that students can realize their college and career dreams. They offer resources to help students and families plan and prepare for college and learn the basics of money management.

Parent Outreach Specialist Lupe Aguilar has been trained in all twelve modules and has begun working with teachers to provide these presentations. The students will be working on three modules; needs and wants, setting goals and investing in undergraduate education. The focus of these presentations is to help students learn the importance of managing their financial goals and acquire the knowledge of costs and resources available for their post secondary education preparation.

Pasco High GEAR UP will also be offering some of these modules in the near future for the whole family.

WSU Field Trip Reflection

On Thursday January 31st, 32 sophomores, juniors, and seniors had the opportunity of visiting Washington State University in Pullman, WA. While on the campus visit the students went on a campus tour and attended presentations on admissions, financial aid, and student support services. In describing the presentations one student said, “It was very helpful, I did not know there were programs out there to support you and help you.”

Many of the seniors on this trip have applied to WSU and some have already been accepted! These students were able to see where they are going to be taking classes and living next year. The juniors and sophomores received lots of information that will help them when they are seniors. One student said, “Now I have more detailed information to give to my parents.”

One student shared, “My biggest fear about attending college was being alone; now I know about resources and how this program (Student Support Services) will help me find my way around.” College can seem scary, but the right information and people helping makes all the difference.

Now the students are saying, “I’m officially considering attending WSU.”

WSU Tri-Cities
WSU Early Outreach