Financial Literacy Presentations a success at Pasco High

On February 5, 2013 three groups of fifteen students along with their teachers had their first introduction to TG Financial Literacy Module lessons. Washington State University Tri-Cities GEAR UP in partnership with TG is working to provide more helpful information and guidance to students and their families. TG is a public, nonprofit corporation that promotes educational access and success so that students can realize their college and career dreams. They offer resources to help students and families plan and prepare for college and learn the basics of money management.

Parent Outreach Specialist Lupe Aguilar has been trained in all twelve modules and has begun working with teachers to provide these presentations. The students will be working on three modules; needs and wants, setting goals and investing in undergraduate education. The focus of these presentations is to help students learn the importance of managing their financial goals and acquire the knowledge of costs and resources available for their post secondary education preparation.

Pasco High GEAR UP will also be offering some of these modules in the near future for the whole family.

WSU Field Trip Reflection

On Thursday January 31st, 32 sophomores, juniors, and seniors had the opportunity of visiting Washington State University in Pullman, WA. While on the campus visit the students went on a campus tour and attended presentations on admissions, financial aid, and student support services. In describing the presentations one student said, “It was very helpful, I did not know there were programs out there to support you and help you.”

Many of the seniors on this trip have applied to WSU and some have already been accepted! These students were able to see where they are going to be taking classes and living next year. The juniors and sophomores received lots of information that will help them when they are seniors. One student said, “Now I have more detailed information to give to my parents.”

One student shared, “My biggest fear about attending college was being alone; now I know about resources and how this program (Student Support Services) will help me find my way around.” College can seem scary, but the right information and people helping makes all the difference.

Now the students are saying, “I’m officially considering attending WSU.”

GEAR UP works!

Pasco High School GEAR UP students; Vanessa Rojas and Elizabeth Rios are keeping busy with their running start courses, their 11th grade activities and learning to help and support students in their current position as GEAR UP tutors at Stevens Middle School. Both of these students also attended Stevens Middle School and are proud to be able to come back and work with their own teachers. Parent Outreach Specialist Lupe Aguilar asked Vanessa how she feels about what she does and she answered: “I feel like I am giving back by showing students than anything is possible, I mean I am in high school taking college courses and working with WSU in a program that has helped me reach my educational goals… that’s cool.” Elizabeth was feeling quite the same and both girls look forward to what next year has to bring.

Site Director for Pasco High GEAR UP Jesus Mota and Parent Outreach Specialist Lupe Aguilar both began working with these girls while at Stevens Middle School and are proud of all their accomplishments.

GREAT JOB ladies!

FAFSA nights a great success at Pasco High School

Pasco High School GEAR UP has completed their second FAFSA night with a great turn out of students and parents. On January 9th and 16th; students and parents came in with their information to complete their Free Application for Federal Student Aid. The student services lab was open from 1:00PM till 7:00PM to help guide, answer questions or just talk to students and their parents about post-secondary preparation.

Students sat down with their parents at their own computer and started to complete the application at their own pace. With this method students along with parents learned how to complete the application and had an opportunity to also discuss it over with their parents; with staff available to help and answer any questions they found the process to be smooth and an enjoyable experience. Some students also completed their college applications and asked college recruiters who were in attendance how to best continue the process of their applications.

We would like to thank all Pasco High School GEAR UP staff, Pasco High Staff, WSU Tri-Cities GEAR UP main office staff, WSU Tri-Cities and Columbia Basin College for attending Pasco High FAFSA nights and for all their assistance to make these events a great success.

Providing educational check-ups at Pasco High

During the months of September and October GEAR UP conducted their annual parent survey for their 10th and 11th grade cohort. As the GEAR UP staff was receiving their surveys back they noticed that some of that parents were still not sure of the school system, how credits work and what are the requirements for post-secondary preparation.

“Five hundred parents gave their feedback; and the need to remind parents about the basics of how the school system works and how to best help their student is very evident,” stated Lorena Rios who assisted with the interviews and survey process.

Pasco High School Parent Outreach Specialist Lupe Aguilar is doing something different this year with the parent surveys. GEAR UP is now working with following up with those parents and having one on one parent meetings to best assist their individual concerns, questions and to provide more information regarding financial aid, SAT testing and the college application process. It has been a successful endeavor, parents understand the process and it makes it so much easier for them to provide support at home; they consider it as an educational checkup.

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