Senior Class Getting Ready for Graduation and Beyond

2013-04-22 17.03.08Connell High School invited the senior class and their families to their annual informational barbeque where GEAR UP provided the meal for the celebration. Not only is it a way to celebrate the accomplishments of these students, it is also a way to inform parents and students about important information for the coming weeks.

2013-04-22 17.03.53Seniors were reminded that in the next few weeks the last scholarships are due. Parents were also informed about and encouraged to attend the academic award assembly where their students would be given awards for good grades and receive their honor chords.

2013-04-22 17.07.16CHS staff also discussed the timeline for celebration week and proper expectations they held for the students. The principal, Mr. Peterson, encouraged students to finish out their year strong academically and be prepared for graduation and beyond.

8th Grade GEAR UP Career Showcase

2013-04-22 14.02.31Robert Olds Junior High 8th graders used the GEAR UP sponsored WOIS program to research careers and create a powerpoint about that career and about their 5 year plan. When they finished their assignment, 5 students wanted the chance to compete against other students in our area at WSU Tri-Cities for the 8th Grade Career Showcase.

GEAR UP introduced the WOIS/The Career Information System to Olds Junior High this year. The WOIS program allows students to explore careers, training programs, and the right colleges or even high schools to help them achieve their dreams.

The students were judged by GEAR UP staff and Olds Junior High staff. The winner will be representing North Franklin at WSU Tri-Cities this Friday, April 26th and competing with other students from GEAR UP programs in the area.

Stu Cabe visits Connell HS

100 0585Stu Cabe is a motivational speaker from Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. He works around the country speaking with over 150,000 students and teachers a year to help build strong school communities and improve campus culture and climate.

100 0587Stu came to Connell to talk to students about being the best you can be. One of the best pieces of advice he gave was we do not walk around every day with a sign around our necks telling others about ourselves or why they should be nice to us today. We have no choice but to be nice to others every day. He encouraged everyone to be a leader and help create a safe school environment where everyone can learn and grow.

100 0591Link Crew and WEB were also brought together to bridge the gap between grade levels for some leadership training. One of the activities they did was an introduction activity with everyone.

EWU and CWU Campus Visit

The junior class at Connell High School was given the opportunity to visit one of two colleges for a tour. GEAR UP staff accompanied students to Eastern Washington University and Central Washington University for an afternoon of information and an eye opening experience.

The students were given an overview of admissions and were also able to talk to some current students about student life. The students were posing some great questions to the students and staff and at EWU the students were even rewarded for asking great questions. 

During the tours, everyone was shown different parts of the campus from the dorms to the recreation center to classrooms in various buildings. The students started being able to picture themselves thriving on a college campus and definitely took advantage of the bookstore they saw. According to the student surveys, the students were looking forward to getting home to tell their parents about their day at college. 

The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet

The first semester of your freshman year of high school will determine what type of student you will be for the rest of your high school career. This is one very important statistic Mr. Peterson, principal of Connell High School, shared with the class of 2017 at their 8th grade transition night.

Connell High staff, Olds Junior High staff, and GEAR UP invited parents and soon to be freshmen to transition night on Thursday, March 14th. The 8th graders and their parents were given an overview from registering for classes to sports and clubs to some very important policies they will experience at high school. The parents and students were also able to pose some questions to staff.

The students seemed to leave with a sense of ease and excitement about what the next step has to offer. The parents seemed to feel the same way, if not more. Transition night seemed to be a success and thanks to GEAR UP, everyone also enjoyed the pizza.

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