Moses Lake HS Tutoring Center

As an ambassador, every Wednesday is the day all ambassadors meet in the library and to receive help on homework during our lunch time.  GEAR UP provides amazing tutors that can help will all subjects during lunch hours for 50 minutes each period. Anyone is welcome to come and get help for any subject, whether it’s studying for a test, or just to concentrate on homework. The past couple weeks, the library has been full of students getting help on their homework.

Personally, the tutoring center has helped me raise my grades, especially in Algebra 2. I have a hard time concentrating and staying on topic, and the last time I went to get help they noticed I was more on my phone, so they took it away so I can concentrate. That actually helped me because I focused on my study sheet more than my phone. They also have really great math tutors, they find various ways to explain math to students. I always appreciate the help they offer because they explain it in a way I can understand.

A lot of students have taken this opportunity and come in during their lunch, to get help. They can get a one on one session with a tutor, or just sit at the tables and study or do homework. I’ve heard students say that the tutoring center is really helping them with getting their grades up. Like me, I went from a low D to a B, just by coming in during lunch and getting help on my math worksheets. So the tutoring sessions are really paying off and I recommend it to my friends all the time.

The tutoring center is open Monday through Friday during 4th through 11th period. So if you ever need help in any subject, take this opportunity and get help with any subject you are struggling with. Hope to see you there!  

Moses Lake GEAR UP Program Hosts a Fabulous Family BBQ

bbqOn September 27, the Moses Lake High School was the site for a delicious and exciting family BBQ hosted by the GEAR UP program. The school was filled with students and parents who admired GEAR UP and was interested in learning about the operation of the program. Over 100 people including the GEAR UP student ambassadors attended the spectacular event to have fun and enjoy yummy meals of hamburgers, hot dogs, and chicken. This year, more student ambassadors were involved to make the family BBQ more explosive and enjoyable for the proud people and the entire GEAR UP family itself. Kids and parents participated in fun activities that they possibly have never done before. Many more students and parents were recognized for their successful participation with GEAR UP and the program itself is thankful for those who participated for such a long time. 

bbq1The GEAR UP family BBQ also had a parent assembly with a motivational speaker named Consuelo Kickbusch, a former colonel for the United States army. She inspired the parents with great stories about her life and her journeys through which she had been in. bbq12She even wrote her own book “Journey to the Future” which was a bestseller. The parents were given copies of the book for interest so they can enjoy reading the details about succeeding in life and share them with their kids.

The GEAR UP Family BBQ was a total success and the program seeks to continue the event for next year! 

Moses Lake GEAR UP students visit Oregon State Colleges

“Earning the chance to go to the Oregon trip with GEAR UP was an amazing opportunity. I got the chance to visit the University of Oregon, Oregon State University, and the Art Institute of Portland for free! I couldn't let the chance slip out of my hands therefore I turned in my application and I got elected to attend. Visiting these campuses was beneficial for me because I got the opportunity to learn more about the majors each university offered and the student life. I really enjoyed my time going to Oregon because I got to socialize with people I did not know and learn more about the opportunities available for me to attend a university” - Rosa Valdivia 11th grade student from Moses Lake High School.

Rosa’s experience attending the recent Oregon college visit trip with Moses Lake High School and Columbia Basin Secondary School GEAR UP program is a great example of what the 42 students who attended enjoyed about the trip. The students who attended gave up 4 days of their spring break to view colleges in the state of Oregon and learn more about their future options for postsecondary education. Many of the students commented on the fact that they now see going to a college in a bordering state as an option with the assistance of financial aid and scholarships. Some of the other students who attended commented:

“I have many new options for me to choose from.”

“I’m going to tell my parents how I learned to pick the right career path for me, and college.”

“I’m going to tell my parents that I’m planning on applying for scholarships, because I really want to go to college.”

“It encouraged me to do better in school so I can attend a college/university.”

For the 9th, 11th, and 12th grade students who attended from the HOH3 and HOH2 GEAR UP grants these four days were an excellent learning experience. Our students were able to visit Oregon State University, University of Oregon, the Art Institute of Portland, and the school of Architecture and Allied Arts through the University of Oregon. The students had the opportunity to tour each campus, meet with admissions and financial aid representatives, and in some cases were even able to meet with professors and students from the various programs to get a better understanding of what college life and academics are really all about. The students had a great time and learned valuable information about out of state options which will help them as they make their final decisions about where to attend college in their future. 

Moses Lake’s 3rd annual GEAR UP 4 Tomorrow’s Education Conference is a Success!

On January 25th Moses Lake GEAR UP hosted its 3rd annual GEAR UP 4 Tomorrow’s Education Conference at Big Bend Community College.  The day was a success with 350 participants and over sixty staff and presenters in attendance!  With workshops on scholarships, financial aid, making your high school years count, choosing the college that’s right for you, college admissions requirements, SAT and ACT, mastering your personal statement and much more, the conference had something for everyone! Parents and students selected four workshops that most interested them as well as listening to a great motivational presentation by professional speaker Mike Donahue as a kick off to the day. Parents and students also had the opportunity to attend a college fair in the morning and ask questions of college recruiters from universities from all across WA state.

Students and parents from both the Harvest of Hope 2 and Harvest of Hope 3 GEAR UP grants attended the event. Roughly half of the days participants were 9th grade parents and students from the HOH 3 grant! It’s great to see these students starting off high school with such a strong foundation and we know they will be college ready at the end of their high school career! 

We were also excited to see our HOH 2 parents and students return for the third year in a row to get the most recent information and complete their college admissions process with ease!

The GEAR UP 4 Tomorrow’s Education Conference happens as the result of a successful partnership between Washington State University GEAR UP, Moses Lake High School, and Big Bend Community College. We are so grateful for everyone who donated their time and expertise for the event and we look forward to another successful conference next year! 

MLHS has great GEAR UP tutors!

The 2013-2014 school year is off to a great start and Moses Lake High School GEAR UP students are well supported thanks to the help of our great GEAR UP tutors! MLHS has 14 great tutors who help in classrooms, AVID, and our before and after school tutoring programs.  Our GEAR UP tutors are crucial to the success of our students at MLHS. They help support hundreds of students through our in class tutoring as well as 200-300 students who voluntarily come to our before or after school tutoring center each month.  This year, our GEAR UP tutors support our 9th, 11th, and 12th grade students at MLHS through funds from our HOH 2 and HOH 3 GEAR UP grants.

MLHS and the GEAR UP program are so grateful to our awesome tutors for all they do to help support the success of our students!  Thank you Maritza, Conner, Nataliya, Delia, Lisa, Rachel, Rose, Sarisa, Kim, Mikayla, Irina, Gloria, Karen, and Martha for all you do! 

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