Kennewick High School Embraces The Fall

Kennewick High School GEAR UP students is excited about the 2015 school year. GEAR UP students has been extremely active in many educational programs this fall semester. Parent Night Open House, GEAR UP Week, College Fair, PSAT’s and CBC GLAM Conference are activities that encourage students to reach their secondary educational goal. 

KHS doors were opened wide for parents and students during KHS Open House. Parents had an opportunity to meet with administration, councilors and teachers within all subjects. GEAR UP presented parents and students with information concerning colleges and universities to familiarize them with facilities and the process to prepare for college. Parents became familiar with higher education opportunities.

September 21st-25th we were pleased to announce a fun week of activities that brought Kennewick High School students information about colleges, how to pay for college, and ways to be successful once there. GEAR UP Week was hosted in fun educational activities that broaden student’s minds of different careers. National GEAR UP Week is an opportunity for us to help raise awareness in our community about the positive impact GEAR UP is having here in our own town.

On Monday September 21st students participated in a College Trivia. Students had to spin the wheel to receive a question and answer questions about different colleges/universities. The trivia was based off the game Trivia Crack. The game had six different categories: College of Liberal Art, Science, College Sports, College Entertainment, Geography, and History. College Trivia was focused to encouraged students to bring information that they learned to their parents.

On Tuesday September 22nd was “Gear Day” and student represented their favorite college/university that they learned about on Monday. This event was focused on letting the students express their educational institute goal.

Wednesday KHS had a “Help GU Help YOU!!” event before and during school.  GEAR UP staff handed out a questionnaire with questions containing questions that students may have about preparing for college. Students wrote their response to the questionnaire and drop them off at the end of the school day. GEAR UP staff collected the questionnaire and use them to discuss college readiness with the students on an individual base.  This event is targeted toward students and how GEAR UP can help them attend a postsecondary education.

On Thursday September 24th a bulletin “Advice to my High School Self” was displayed.  The bulletin board took advice from Kennewick High School staff and displayed it on our GEAR UP bulletin board. Teachers and staff was thrilled to participate and give advice to students on how to choose a good college to fit individual interests.

In wrapping up National GEAR UP Week On Friday September 25th GEAR UP held a Dream Wall event before, during, and after school. The wall was dedicated for students to write their educational dreams on. We encouraged students to start a conversation about the Dream Wall with their parents/guardians and how GEAR UP has helped them reach those dreams by exposing them to resources on financial aid, choosing a college, and success tips.

October 13th Kennewick’s WSU Ambassadors assisted KHS College Career Fair that attracted universities, military academies and technical schools from across the state.  KHS WSU Student Ambassadors used their leadership roles by assisting students to different booths and help directing to different universities based on future career interest.

“WSU Ambassadors were helpful because I had no idea which university or college would have the program that I want to be in when I get to college.  I learned that CBC and WSU Tri-Cities both have a nursing program.  I became less overwhelmed.” -Anonymous Student

The passion of KHS students didn’t stop there. Students were given the opportunity to take the PSAT’s at Kennewick High School in the Lion’s Den October 14th 2015.  Sophomores and junior students at KHS saw that it is not possible to get “too much” practice especially when it came to a test as important as the SAT’s. The SAT test has such a big role in student’s future educational plans. The PSAT is offered once a year in October. Students did not assume the exam was just a practice test that doesn't have any real value. GEAR UP students learned that college admissions offices do not use the score to assess applications, however a good performance on the PSAT is still crucial. With A combination of sophomore and junior students a total of 250 students participated.

Kennewick High School is such on fire that Tuesday October 20th sixteen Kennewick High School female students participated in GLAM at Columbia Basin College. “GLAM is an educational program introducing female high school students to the exciting world of manufacturing. Girls participate in creating a team project using their creativity and problem-solving skills alongside two motivating female industry professionals as they are educated on academic pathways that lead to a variety of career opportunities within the manufacturing industry.”  Students created objects that they felt would benefit the community in several areas, such as autistic children, elderly people, physical disabilities and the environment. “I loved working with girls from different schools on such a fun important topic.” said Ana Sandoval.  “I learned from the instructors that women do have a voice in the business world. We are here to stay!” said Sajen Domach. Watch out, the Lions are roaming the pride lands! Go Lions! 

Incoming Freshman Visit Kennewick High School

On Saturday, March 15th over 250 incoming freshman students got to take a peak at their soon to be high school during Lion Adventure Day hosted by Kennewick High School and GEAR UP

Over 25 clubs/sports teams/ and school organizations set up informational tables where students and parents were able to get information on things there children could do while attending Kennewick High. GEAR UP was able to explain to every student and family its purpose, offerings, and have students work through an interest inventory planning goals for their high school career. Students were given a "Bingo" card that encouraged them to visit 16 booths in order to gain their "Freshman Survival Kit" including pencils, cinch sacks, pencil pouches, and GEAR UP information. Students and their families were also treated to a BBQ lunch served by GEAR UP and Kennewick High School Principal, Ryan Rettig

Families were able to leave the event with a stronger feeling of understanding on what resources and extra curriculars they and their student could take advantage of while in high school. 

Kennewick High School GEAR UP Welcomes New Student Achievement Specialist!

Kennewick High School GEAR UP is excited to announce that as of December 2013, Rick Copeland has joined the KeHS GEAR UP team as a Student Achievement Specialist!

Rick was previously a Student Achievement Specialist at Columbia Middle/High School in Burbank where he worked for five years dedicated to mentoring students and parents and helping them achieve success in their education and still communicates with many students and families who continue to come to him for guidance. Rick served our country in the United States Marine Corp after high school and from there spent time working at a youth ranch for at risk youth. Rick is a father of three children, one who attends the Kennewick School District, and is excited to be closer to home and work with the students at KeHS.

Rick has an amazing ability to connect with students and families from all backgrounds through his life and career experiences and he has jumped right in working with the students/parents and staff at KeHS building those important contracts and relationships.

Kennewick High School is lucky to have such a great addition to the team!

Kennewick High School GEAR UP Launches New Student Services

The transition into a new school is always a learning process, but Kennewick High School administration quickly embraced the GEAR UP program allowing for some exciting student service programs getting up and running!

The GEAR UP Site Manager has been working closely with the current Kennewick High School Success Coordinator for mentoring in the most successful way to integrate GEAR UP programs with currently offered school services. 

In the next few weeks, GEAR UP will be starting a new direct student pull out program for students struggling in their core classes where they will spend the majority of the semester getting assistance both academically as well as with organizational skills to enhance success throughout the rest of their education.

GEAR UP has been providing afterschool tutoring for students, but will greatly expand the capacity of students it will be able to serve with the news we will be receiving a classroom to serve as the main hub of student services and we can expand our tutoring to lunchtime as well.

GEAR UP is lucky to have such a great school administration support and we are looking forward to start serving students on a large cohort scale!

GEAR UP Enters Kennewick High School

GEAR UP is excited to make its way into Kennewick High School and start providing services to students! Through the summer, the GEAR UP program already began to support staff at Kennewick by sending four teachers to Palm Springs, California to attend a READ 180 conference, provided curriculum hours for math improvement, training in SureScore college readiness curriculum, and training to utilize the TI Nspire supplemental math program to increase students' understanding of math concepts.

Late this summer and starting into this early school year GEAR UP has or will provide the "7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens' book for all freshman, fifty five iPads, four classroom sets of TI-Nspire calculators and a new supplemental science program.

We are excited to also begin to provide direct services to students and families in mentoring and tutoring utilizing a Student Achievement Specialist and tutors to be hired.

GEAR UP is thankful for all the teachers, staff, and administration at Kennewick High School who have made our transition so smooth and continue to give their ongoing support to our program and we are excited to see what adventures the 2013-2014 school year will bring and "Go Lions"!

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