Dayton GEAR UP-Freshmen Orientation

Starting high school can be tough, but being armed with a little knowledge can help freshmen acclimate into high school. On October 8, the GEAR UP Program helped SHEO (Students Helping Each Other) sponsor an event held at the Running T Ranch. This event provided freshmen with information that will be valuable to them throughout high school and help them with any fear and trepidation. Five high school seniors came to share “Best Practices” and “Learned Lessons.” Here are some of the experiences the seniors talked about.

  • Freshmen year actually matters, so keep your grades up.
  • Avoid drama; tell people straight up that you want
  • nothing to do with it.
  • Stay clear of alcohol and drugs.
  • Start exploring your interests; take what you can handle and try lots of extracurricular activities and sports.
  • Keep a journal of all your awards and activities for your applications into college.
  • Strike a balance between work, sleep, and play.
  • Procrastination will get you nowhere.
  • Remember “You are the only one” accountable for your future.

YWCA Event Coordinator, Nancy Butler led team building activities to help the freshmen understand that entering high school is fun and serious. Structured activities were led by SHEO class advisor, Jason Noble. Jason’s activities led them outside into groups, forming new bonds by answering questions that pertained to school and life and then sharing their answers with each group. GEAR UP provided a booth with information on colleges and scholarships. Mayra and Claudia from GEAR UP WSU Tri-Cities spoke to the students about what GEAR UP can offer such as tutoring, ways to pay for college, and scholarships. The freshmen responded well and enjoyed the experience of Freshmen Orientation.

Dayton National GEAR UP Week - HOH II

In honor of National GEAR UP Week, September 22-25, Dayton had daily events to remind students about GEAR UP’s Mission statement and the services we provided. The week kicked off on Monday by giving all cohorts a string back pack with the Dayton GEAR UP logo; “College. My Dream, My Plan.”  Inside each back pack was a magnet with the GEAR UP Vision Statement, information about WSU Tri-Cities Career Fair and Fall Preview Day. It was interesting to see that some students placed the Mission Statement Magnets on their lockers. Posters were made on “College Myths and Facts” and posted throughout the school. Comments were heard between classes about the myths and facts. Trivia questions about college were announced each day.  Students were to report to the GEAR UP room with their answer. We trusted them not to look at their phones but of course, we’ll never know if they did or didn’t. Thursday was designated as Spirit Day. Students came with their favorite college apparel. The last day we had representatives from Boise State and Grand Canyon universities. Each representative was available to students between classes and had information to hand to the students. 

Dayton GEAR UP HOH III Giving Students Opportunities in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

This year’s summer school was not “summer school.” We call it The Summer Science Program. It is designed to provide GEAR UP students an opportunity to experience science in a fun and interesting way. The return is students who look for career possibilities in science and math fields. This year’s focus was on participating in interesting science activities including: physics and engineering, designing, building and testing model structures. Students took a scientific look at the Touchet River and extracted enzymes from local fungi and analyzed them for biofuel production. The Summer Science Program was a hit. Students were able to work with DNA and analyze food for genetically modified ingredients (GMO’s). The program ran for six weeks with a high attendance of 22 students. Thank you to our Sciences teachers Clint Reser, and Doug Yenney.

Dayton STEM Program HOH III Looking at DNA

The Summer School Program is off to a good start for Dayton GEAR UP students. The emphasis is on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). “The Summer Program is not just summer school,” said teacher Doug Yenney, “the focus is on participating in interesting science activities. On the first day of the program, students went out collecting a variety of botanical samples from the mountains in our area. In Environmental Science, students will be taking a look at the Touchet River. They will extract enzymes from local fungi and analyze for biofuel production. GEAR UP Cohorts will be working with DNA, and analyze food for genetically modified ingredients. “Our goal is to provide students an opportunity to experience science in a fun and interesting way by providing science supplies, lab facilities and field trip opportunities,” states Doug Yenney. The skills and knowledge gained can be applied for future coursework at the high school and college level.

“That Is Whack” at Dayton High School

Author, Speaker, Student Success Coach, and now Competitor on NBC’S Ninja Warrior is Hoan Do. GEAR UP sponsored Hoan to speak at Dayton High School using the message, “That Is Whack” to encourage positive thinking instead of negative thinking. Since Hoan started speaking, he has been fiercely committed to sharing practical advice and strategies that would help students succeed in and out of school. After hearing him myself, I could tell he truly has a heart for young people and enjoys not only sharing advice and telling his own story but enjoys meeting and talking with students one on one. “His talk and delivery was very meaningful and entertaining,” said one student who had already heard him speak a year ago at a convention, “I am so excited to hear you today,” as Hoan offered to greet her with a hug. Recognized as the best youth mentor by the International Examiner, Hoan travels across North America speaking at colleges, high schools, and associations helping students succeed on the topics of college success, leadership development, stress management, and personal motivation. His presentation will encourage you think about yourself in a different and positive way.  

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