Dayton is GEAR-ing UP for Summer School Program

GEAR UP in Dayton is anticipating our Summer School Program with emphasis on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math).Last year we had an average of 15 students participating. This year we have signed up 40 students. Our goal is to provide students an opportunity to experience science in a fun and interesting way by providing science experiments, lab work, and field trip opportunities. Despite best efforts during the regular school year, we are faced with many barriers to successfully promote STEM to the degree that engages students beyond earning credit or a grade for science class. With our STEM Summer Program, we are giving students the opportunity to experience meaningful and fun STEM activities, as well as time and individualized support, we will maximize our chances to “win over” student interest in STEM related careers. Our instructors are Doug Yenney and Clint Reser.

Doug is a veteran of 26 years teaching small high school science in eastern Washington State. He has been active in professional development in the areas of Materials Science, Biotechnology, Active Chemistry, and is interested in bringing engaging science experience to each student in Dayton High School.

Clint is a veteran of 13 years in teaching middle school in Dayton. He is active in Washington LASER consortium and has a knack for making science interesting at the middle school level.

Dayton GEAR UP - College a Necessity

As the school year is winding into summer, our GEAR UP students are ready for a break. Before releasing them into summer fun, our College Readiness class is taking online surveys through to find a college fit for each of their individual needs and desires. They were overwhelmed that there are so many choices to make in selecting a college. Taking this survey ignited thoughts of which careers made better yearly incomes. The students were searching the internet looking at salaries of various careers. They wanted to know how much salary was needed for a specific car and a beautiful home. These students were serious and realize what it takes to get the things they want. Students are learning how to use the tools GEAR UP has taught them. This class knows that effort and education equals success. “The younger you start to challenge yourself, the more successful you will be” (Quoted from Arel Moodie, Motivational Speaker). The class is in the process of taking the practice SAT test online. Taking the SAT Practice Test is a stress-free (and free) way to find your strengths and weaknesses on the SAT.

Dayton GEAR UP Young Women attend Women Fly

Women Fly is an annual event hosted by The Museum of Flight for young women interested in aviation and aerospace careers. Dayton GEAR UP took 8 young women to Seattle, WA to participate in a series of inspirational and career-oriented workshops led by exceptional women working in aerospace related fields. The theme for Women Fly 2015 was “Saving the World Through Aviation.” Special guests included; Lieutenant Commander Kelly Deutermann, helicopter pilot for the US Coast Guard, and  Jessica Cox, Motivational Speaker and the world’s first armless pilot. The workshop gave the young women ideas of what kinds of careers they can obtain, and what to look for in a STEM program.  Besides attending a workshop of their choice, the girls were able to tour the museum.  In the museum there are 27 different exhibits such as Air Force One, and World War I and II.  Besides the exhibits, the Museum of Flight has many collections which they acquire and preserve a wide array of materials and artifacts relating to aviation and space history and provides a center for the scholarly research of these materials and artifacts. The Museum holds one of the largest and most comprehensive air and space collections in the United States, containing millions of rare photographs and negatives, a world-class library, tens of thousands of artifacts, and over 150 rare aircraft and space vehicles.  

Dayton's Isabelle Houdak, HOH III Success Story

Isabelle is a typical fun-loving sophomore girl who realizes she needs to take the harder science, and math classes, to have a good career.  She wants to go into the medical field. She is now on the path to college but when she started in GEAR UP during her 7th grade, she was nowhere near the college path. I remember her in AVID class that she really didn’t care to be there, and didn't care about any of the AVID teachings. As time went by and GEAR UP events came that she attended, her attitude changed and she started getting serious about life and school, giving her best to teachers instead of giving them a hard time. She changed her study habits and priorities.  She told me, “I still have fun with my friends but I prioritize homework first.”She is now serious about becoming a doctor and knows it will be hard work. Isabelle is eager to listen and take advice about classes she needs and is learning how to prepare for college. She raised her GPA up a whole grade from last year.

This year she joined the cheerleading squad, SHEO, FBLA and track. Good Job Isabell, keep up the hard work.

DAYTON, Katie's Success Story HOH II

As the seniors’ deadlines and “to-do-lists” are being completed, Katie Thompson is ahead of the game. She has been accepted to Eastern Washington University in Cheney Washington. Her plan will include transferring to the Washington State University Extension in Spokane to begin the nursing program. GEAR UP site manager, Spring Wessels, had been helping Katie the last couple months with paperwork for her FAFSA student aid, scholarships, and college application. She conveyed deep appreciation for Spring and the help she received through the GEAR UP program.

Katie also accredited Dayton GEAR UP for her inspiration in pursuing a higher education. During her involvement with GEAR UP, she attended almost every event GEAR UP offered since 7th grade. She smiled as she thought about the time she attended a college football game during one of those events.It was during a college trip when she decided she CAN and SHOULD go to college, and her dream began.

Katie is an example what GEAR UP students can do when they put forth the effort. She reflects the effects of what can be accomplished in an educational setting. We are very proud of Katie and her accomplishments. Katie states, “Having taken College Readiness Class will help me make the transition from a high school student to a college student, and I am excited and confident I will succeed.”

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