Clarkston High School OVP III Students Take the ASVAB

As part of the Clarkston GEAR UP career exploration program, 179 Clarkston High School juniors took the ASVAB on October 15th, 2015. The ASVAB exam provides students with individualized results to optimize career exploration. Dr. Steven Cook led hour-long ASVAB results interpretation classes on November 18th, 2015 for all participating juniors. 

Students were given the opportunity to use their results and an online interest inventory for in depth career exploration and planning. Many students expressed appreciation for the interpretation of their results to help further their research into a potential career pathway. The ASVAB was provided at no-cost to the students. Thank you, Clarkston High School, for allowing the Class of 2017 to complete this great opportunity!

Clarkston GEAR UP hosts Bright Futures Boot Camp

The Clarkston GEAR UP program designed and implemented a special summer program, Bright Futures Boot Camp, for their OVP III cohort in August.The rigorous, four-day camp introduced the concept of “soft skills” to students, enabled students to conduct college and career searches, assessed their individual college math readiness, provided guidance and resources for applying and paying for college, and helped students complete scholarship searches using camp was held on August 17th thru August 20th in the Clarkston High School GEAR UP room.












Soft Skills – Skills to Pay the Bills

Soft Skills – Skills to Pay the Bills

Careers Guidance Washington – HS & Beyond Planning

GEAR UP – 7 Steps to the FAFSA


EdReady – Math Assessment

EdReady – results & next steps

Khan Academy – Making High School Count

Khan Academy – exploring, applying, & paying


Careers Guidance Washington – Career Planning & college searches

Careers Guidance Washington – college inquiries & career options – set up scholarship search profile – scholarship search

Site Manager, Pat Sobotta used the "Skills to Pay the Bills: Mastering Soft Skills for Workplace Success" curriculum developed by Office of Disability Employment Policy to present "soft skills” to GEAR UP students.  The curriculum was created for youth development professionals as an introduction to workplace interpersonal and professional skills, and is targeted for youth ages 14 to 21 for in-school and out-of-school environments. The program, relevant for today’s workforce, is comprised of modular, hands-on, engaging activities that focus on six key skill areas: communication, enthusiasm and attitude, teamwork, networking, problem solving and critical thinking, and professionalism.  At the boot camp, GEAR UP emphasized the importance of soft skills for success in college and the work force. The camp focused on the definition of soft skills, communication, teamwork, and professionalism.  Follow up workshops on soft skills will be offered throughout the school year.

Cherie Wormell, a Clarkston GEAR UP tutor, used the EdReady online resource to provide a college ready math assessment that delivered individual results, study options, and a personalized study path to fill in knowledge gaps.

GEAR UP staff team taught career and college readiness activities using Career Guidance Washington designed to prepare all students for their future.  The focus was on individual transcripts and the High School & Beyond Plan.

The boot camp used the Khan Academy video series to better understand the importance of high school course selection, extracurricular activities and involvement, and the college admissions process.  Finally, two sections of the boot camp were dedicated to the students utilizing website to create a profile and conduct scholarship searches.

Congratulations and thank you to the students that completed the boot camp!

Clarkston High School’s GEAR UP Success Story, Logan Heflin

Clarkston High School student, Logan Heflin, is an exceptional example of youth leadership and hard work. Whether it’s in the classroom or on the playing field, Logan provides the grit, determination, intelligence, and leadership to excel and promote success. He is a 4.0 student and three-sport athlete. In addition, Logan is a member of the high school JROTC program, Asotin County Youth Commission, and Link Crew.

When not studying in GEAR UP or working out in the gym, Logan is heavily involved in providing time and effort to community service projects throughout the Lewiston-Clarkston Valley. He has logged an impressive 80 hours to the community. According to Logan, by providing his service he will “become a better citizen and develop critical life skills that will help me be a successful person.”

Currently, Logan has career interests in sports nutrition and athletic training. He is also considering architecture as a possibility. His number one college choice is Duke University.

Above all else, Logan is an amazingly positive and friendly person. He is the most pleasant student to come across in the school hallways. He always has a smile and hello for his fellow students and school staff.

There is no doubt that where ever Logan goes and whatever he pursues in life, he will be a success. Congratulations, Logan! You are an extraordinary young man and a great example to all students.

Clarkston Sophomores visit EWU

Seventeen Clarkston HS OVP III GEAR UP students spent May 1st on the campus of Eastern Washington University discovering the post-secondary options. Clarkston GEAR UP staff selected the participating students because they listed EWU as a primary “college of interest” on a recent survey. 

The wonderful recruitment staff greeted at group at the campus Visitor Center, where the students learned about the numerous programs and degrees offered at EWU.  A majority of the students were interested in STEM related programs. The EWU Forensic Science Program caught the interest of many. After a presentation by the Admission Department, the Clarkston students ate an incredible lunch at the Tawanka Dining Center.

The students were then provided a tour of the entire EWU campus, which included the opportunity to view the student recreation center, campus housing facilities, and a few of the new classroom facilities such as Patterson Hall. The most notable site during the campus tour was Roos Field, a football field known for its intensely red turf and the home of the Eagles.

At the conclusion of the visit, Clarkston students had the opportunity to engage with an informative EWU student panel. During this great, interactive opportunity, Clarkston students were able to ask questions about campus life, get a first-hand glimpse at being an EWU student, and much more.

Thank you EWU for a great experience!

GEAR UP Hosts Career Fair at Clarkston High School

The Clarkston GEAR UP Program partnered with the Clarkston Education Foundation (CEF) and Clarkston High School to host the first annual career fair at Clarkston High School. The career fair was held on March 25th, 2015 from 8:00 AM to 2:30 PM in Clarkston High School’s main gym.  

With a total of 49 exhibitor booths and 65 professional presenters, Clarkston High students had a variety of careers and educational programs to explore. 

The event fit nicely in the high school setting as the school is now required to assist all students with a “high school and beyond plan”, which is a graduation requirement. The goal was to provide CHS students firsthand information to assist them with choosing a career path to meet this requirement.

Professionals shared the educational path (high school, vocational/technical, college) that allowed them to become successful in their chosen field. This included daily work life, salary range, and long-term career opportunities. This vital information will facilitate students’ exploration of potential educational and career interests. 

Prior to the event, students completed career planning surveys/inventories to assist them in discovering their own interests, talents and values. 

In a world that is changing faster than ever with new technologies that affect how we work, learn, and communicate, new opportunities are presented in education and the world of work. Clarkston GEAR UP is extremely pleased with the participation of the professional community and the impact they made on the lives and futures of our students.

Thank you to all those that supporting the Clarkston High School GEAR UP Career Fair!

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