WSU Tri-Cities Latina/o Outreach


To inform middle & high school students and their families of the opportunities and benefits of obtaining a higher education through campus visits, classroom presentations, and activities.

Core Values

Program services are based on the notion that College Is Possible for all middle school students. College is an experience that all students should have an opportunity to experience. Parents and students should be the decision-makers regarding their educational experience.

Campus Visits

As part of an effort to expose students to higher education, middle school students in the local Tri-Cities area and lower Yakima Valley are brought to the WSU Tri-Cities campus. Local middle schools that were/are a GEAR UP partner are prioritized and our program focus is on grade levels not served by GEAR UP grants. Thousands of students have visited campus to participate in campus tours, financial aid & admissions presentations, and importance of a higher education. All workshops are interactive and engaging which provide students a fun way to learn about going to college.

Our program also offers campus visits to high schools in the area that want to visit WSU Tri-Cities. In partnership with the Enrollment Management office, we provide support to further assist students to be academically prepared and informed on the process of entering a university.

Student ambassadors from the GEAR UP and Enrollment Management office provide their experiences and skills to offer workshops and campus tours to both middle and high school students.

College & Career Classroom Presentations

In our existing GEAR UP schools, we continue to provide mentorship and college prep activities to students that are not part of the GEAR UP cohorts. Our program focuses on distributing and assisting in College Bound Scholarship sign-ups for 7th graders.

Local schools are prioritized for college and career classroom presentations to provide information to students about the admissions process and ways to pay for college. The GEAR UP student ambassadors, who are college students, have provided their support in speaking to students about their experiences to both middle and high school students wanting to attend Washington State University Tri-Cities.

Community Outreach

The Early Outreach & Latina/o Outreach Program participates in several events throughout the year to promote higher education and specifically WSU Tri-Cities. We provide information in both English and Spanish to students and parents interested in becoming familiar with the process of how to obtain a college degree.

Any school in the local service area that is interested in promoting college awareness in their school is encouraged to contact Lupe Mota at our Early Outreach & Latina/o Outreach Office at 509-372-7222 to assist you in preparing your students and parents for a college education. We will provide early outreach services in the language and content that is most culturally appropriate and respectful to your school.

Why Latina/o Outreach at WSU Tri-Cities?

The demographics of the Tri-Cities and surrounding communities show the need for a focus on the Latino community.

  • Washington State Latino Population - 11.7%
  • Yakima County Latino Population - 46.3%
  • Benton County Latino Population - 19.2%
  • Franklin Counties Latino Population - 50.9%
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