Celebrating National GEAR UP week at Moses Lake!


National GEAR UP Week was a great opportunity to raise awareness in the community about the positive impact GEAR UP is having at MLHS and around the country!

To start the week off, on September 19th there was a Kick-off event at MLHS. Within the event there were college readiness activities, parent and student presentations about college readiness topics like financial aid, choosing the right college for you, and many more. Our GEAR UP Alumni Leader, Rosa Valdivia, gave a presentation on how GEAR UP has influenced her life positively.

staffOn September 21st GEAR UP with the help of Moses Lake High School hosted a staff lunch in which all staff were welcome. GEAR UP staff took this opportunity to talk to the staff about the GEAR UP Program. On September 22nd, we had the Graduation Cap activity, where students wrote their name, dream school, and dream career on a graduation cap which were later displayed around the halls. On September 23rd, everyone represented their favorite college/ university by wearing college gear. 

On September 24th, students participated in the “Road Map to Your Future” activity. Students wrote their name and dream school on a sticker and put it on a large map next the city and school they want to attend. The maps were displayed in the school commons for everyone to enjoy and participate.

To wrap things up on Friday, September 25th our SAS team went around to classes and presented some GEAR UP Workshops. They presented on college and career readiness topics for example, financial aid, scholarships, and career pathways.

Overall, National GEAR UP Week was a success at MLHS and everyone enjoyed it!

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