Southridge takes the PSAT

On October 14th Southridge High School 10th & 11th grade students took the PSAT. GEAR UP paid for the 10th Grade students to take the PSAT and Southridge High School paid for 11th grade students. GEAR UP at Southridge held a huge advertising campaign to get students to take the PSAT, because 10th grade students at Southridge are not required to take the PSAT.

GEAR UP Student Ambassadors headed the advertising campaign. They came up with ideas & helped advertise. They put up flyers, manned a sign up table at lunch, and made morning announcements. They also recruited their friends and classmates to take the PSAT. GEAR UP staff made classroom visits to announce the PSAT and signed students up. They also contacted parents by phone and email to talk to parents about the PSAT and why it is important.

We don’t just want our students to take the PSAT; we want them to succeed with the PSAT. We held two prep session in addition to our week long PSAT

Prep Summer Camp to prepare students. The prep sessions were 2.5 hours long and took place on early release days. Students tried questions on the official released redesigned PSAT Practice test. They also learned the types of questions and strategies for each type. Each session was full of students motivated to improve their PSAT score.

GEAR UP at Southridge is pleased that so many students took the PSAT and that we could assist them as they did so. It shows our students’ desire to be college ready.

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