Prosser High Ambassador's Elections and College Night 2015

As we move along the school year, Prosser High and WSU GEAR UP have had some exciting events take place in November. From student led conferences to college night, the students have been busy the last few weeks before thanksgiving break. The GEAR UP staff has been right there with the students, encouraging them to participate in the school events.

To begin with, in the 2nd week of November PHS held its annual student led conferences. Some of our tutors were able to translate for the Spanish speaking parents ensuring that the student were informing his/her parents of grades and any teacher comments. Our Graduation Success Specialist had a change to interact with the students to discuss their grades and 13 year plan. Parents were able to meet our GEAR UP staff and set up tutoring for their daughter/son. Overall, PHS had a great outcome in the student led conferences.

It was Election Day on Nov. 18th for our Ambassador program. The previous officers were recognized, and given a certificate of recognition. For this year the students were able to run for President, Vice-President, Event Planner, and Promoter. As President, the student must attend all the meetings/ events, report back to the other ambassadors about upcoming events, and interact with other students. As Vice-President, the student in this position must be able to perform all the duties as the president in case of his/her absence. An Event Planner's duties are to plan any upcoming events. For example, if one of the students had an upcoming birthday, the event planner is in charge of coordinating something special for the student. The Promoter will be in charge of promoting GEAR UP by creating flyers for any upcoming events. They will work with GEAR UP staff to promote any upcoming events

The students running for these positions were able to script a speech and share to fellow students on why they would be the best candidate for the position. After the candidates presented their speech the students were able vote for the officers. Our GEAR UP staff counted the votes and new officers were appointed. The officers are as follow: President: Edith Raya, Vice-President: Gabriel Orozco, Event Planner: Maria Zaragoza, and Promoter: Aaron Gutierrez. Congratulations to these kids who did an extraordinary on their speeches!

Another event that GEAR UP participated in was Family College Night. Prosser High School hosted its annual Family College Night, where different college reps in our nearby area come for one night and give out information about their admission process. This event is opened to the community so there was a good amount of community members who attended.

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