Starting the School right at Prosser High

Starting the school year the right way. Students returned to school Sept 1. A few students have decided to join school clubs and be more involved over all. 33 junior and sophomores students had the opportunity to go with GEAR UP to the University of Washington on September 4. The bus departed from Prosser at 4:30 am. The first stop was in Ellensburg were students ate breakfast, then once done we left towards Seattle. Once arriving to UW our tour guide was already expecting us. Students and staff took a tour of the campus. Students were also exposed to basic buildings in where they can get help if need. Once the tour was complete were went into one of the building to get an Admission, financial Aid and a CAMP presentation. Students were asking questions and all departments were answering them.  A few of our students are determine in attending UW once they graduate. Students either want to go in the medical field, or into the engineering, science field. Once all the presentations were done we decided to have lunch, what better way for our students to get that college experience and that is by eating in one of the dining areas in the HUB with other college students. In doing this decision staff talked to students that once they attend a university they will most likely be eating in one of these areas and should get a feeling of how it looks and feels to be in one. Once students were done eating lunch we decide to take them to the students store just in case they wanted  to purchase anything to take home, after we were finishes looking in the student store, we decide to take  the students to the game room for a bit.  A few students were interacting with college students and asking them questions on the college life and how it feels to live in dorms. But overall the students enjoyed this experience.

Now that the year has started GSS Ms. Rivera has been connecting with students and making sure all new cohort students know of the program and that were are here to help them. She has also been checking in with students that did APEX this summer and students in general. Her main focus it to have all her students graduate and get a higher education from a university to a technical school. Now time to knock this year right.            

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