Dayton - National GEAR UP Week in a Small Town/School

GEAR UP week in a small school can be more of a challenge than in a large school because of less numbers in students and staff. However, National GEAR UP Week was an opportunity to raise awareness in school and community about the positive impact GEAR UP is having locally. It was a time to share our program's accomplishments and to get students involved with our services to students and families.

Some of the activities Dayton did during National GEAR UP Week; Staff and students made posters for every class room that said, “College. It’s not a Dream, It’s a Plan.” A wall in the high school was designated for students to post their dreams. Each morning during the announcements, a student read CollegeBrainy Quotes. We had planned for a GEAR UP College Pep Rally with students verses teachers in college trivia, which did not play out but we will plan to do next year. We ended the week with an after-school informational meeting for parents and students. We felt that GEAR UP Week was a success in putting out the message of awareness of “College. It’s not a Dream, It’s a Plan.”

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