River View AVID elective students make the grade

Students at River View High School with C’s or better for quarter grades are being recognized by the school and GEAR UP. GEAR UP has partnered with River View administration to honor these students at the end of each quarter with academic praise and some kind of treat. Quarter 1 marked a root beer float party in the commons for all students 163 total, 56% of the school.  GEAR UP will be offering grant promotional pencils and pens for quarter 2 rewards.

All of the AVID students in the AVID elective class at River View High were on the list, which was a great testament to the college readiness program and what it is doing for students. Some students from that class had this to say in regard to getting through their first quarter as high school students in the AVID program:

“We use the opportunity of class time and AVID tutorials to discuss problems we are confused on in our core classes.” Susana Robledo

“Having our friends as our AVID family means we are comfortable together and are able to ask each other for help in our classes.” Rubi Pimentel, Selena Olivera, Carolina Morales

“AVID has helped us gain the confidence to speak up and discuss our struggles with our teachers. “ AVID Class

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