Freshman Changes Self and Sees Success

Aliah Harrison is a freshman at Soap Lake High School. In the past few years she has been making some choices that hurt her academically. Deep down inside she know she should change but sometimes changing ourselves is one of the most difficult things to accomplish. Peer pressure and the fear of failure are two of the things that usually hold us back. When Aliah looked around at her classmates, she knew she should be getting better grades. After all, she knew she was just as smart as those “other kids.”

When time came in the spring to apply for AVID class, Aliah saw this as an opportunity to make a change. She went to GEAR UP Site Director, Roger Chamberlain, and expressed her desire to be in AVID and change her grades as well as make other changes. “She not only wanted to change her grades but change socially as well. She saw an opportunity to get in with a group of kids that achieving success.” “We had several long talks” said Chamberlain. “I felt like she was completely genuine in her goals.”

Alia completed the first quarter of school with four A’s. Her lowest grade was a C+. She is using the AVID strategies and things she learned in GEAR UP’s college preparation class to make the needed changes. GEAR UP is proud of Alia and her continued academic success!

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