Soap Lake's Valdovinos is True Success Story

EvieSoap Lake High School’s Evie Valdovinos is our first success story for this school year. She has received her college acceptance letter from Washington State University! Evie received her letter in September and she has declared her intention to go there.

Evie has been a GEAR UP student in the HOH II grant since inception. She has taken advantage of the tutoring, GEAR UP field trips as well as classes and workshops offered by GEAR UP. She has been a part of College Preparation and Leadership classes and she is a second year AVID student. She has been in AVID since it was started in Soap Lake.

Valdovinos has a brother attending WSU. Ivan Valdovinos was a recipient of the $2000 GEAR UP scholarship several years ago. Evie will be following in her brother’s footsteps by attending WSU. Washington State University has been her goal for many years. It is the only college to which she made application. Congratulations Evie on a job well done. We will be looking forward to hearing her stories of college success!

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