Ephrata HS GEAR UP Attends Nat'l College Fair

Ephrata High School GEAR UP OVP 2/3 Students took a trip to National College Fair in Spokane on November 5th, 2013. Thirty freshmen and seniors boarded the bus in eager anticipation of the day ahead. Once they arrived in Spokane, students charged through the doors and began speaking to well over 100 college recruiters from all over the country. They were able to get detailed information about the schools and the admissions processes for each. Students were excited that they learned about so many schools that they hadn’t thought of before and their eyes were opened to many different opportunities. After a few hours at the convention center, the students loaded up again and braved the snow and fog on the way to Spokane Falls Community College. Students ate lunch on campus and then headed out on a campus tour. Following the tour, students were treated to a show and presentation at the planetarium. An astronomy Professor from SFCC lit up the night sky and showed the moon phases and the galaxies and wowed and amazed the crowd. It was an incredible and unique experience for students and staff alike. A financial aid and money briefing rounded out the day and gave students an encouraging and realistic look at how to pay for college at Spokane Falls CC. The trip to National College Fair has become an annual trip for Ephrata GEAR UP and proved once again to be a valuable excursion.

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