Careers in Criminal Justice for Warden High School

At the beginning of November students that were interested in Criminal Justice were able to attend a forum at Columbia Basin College. They were able to gather with students from all over the area and meet a variety of professionals related to criminal justice. They were able to start the morning off watching a mock play about drinking underage and how the police would react to the situation. Then a dog came through that is a professional K9 unit for the surrounding areas. The police office that works with the K9 gave a brief overview of what he does and how the K9 lives.

There were judges and lawyers that came and described their daily activities and what they have to do on a daily basis. There was also a court recorder there that typed everything that was being said during the morning sessions. Once they were able to meet many different professionals, they were broken up into groups and given a case study to work through. They were given a certain scenario and asked what they would do in the situation. There was one professional in every group helping to guide the discussion if needed as well.

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