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Soap Lake MS is Ready for Work!

Soap Lake MS students are back in school and ready for work. Many are taking high school algebra and are taking advantage of tutoring services offered by GEAR UP to help them through this important class. Also this year, all students are required to take Cornell Notes in class and carry a school-supplied organization binder. Organizational binders has been used by our AVID students in the past but now all students are required to have them. Binders are checked weekly by teachers for content and neatness as well as the required pens, pencils and paper. The binders have been a success in the past and they have made a difference in grades. some students say their grades went up just because they know where to find things.

Cornell notes are required in all core classes and they are also required to be in the binders. Teachers have been trained on note-taking and they teach it in their classes. We are all looking forward to a great year!

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