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The Best Peer Tutors Are At Chief Moses Middle School!

Starting 2nd semester, GEAR UP and the counseling department at Chief Moses Middle School put their brain power together to create a Peer Tutoring program that is unique to our school, and has been proven to be quite a success. Students were thoroughly training before getting thrown into the mix of classrooms. We followed this training by weekly assignments, meant to build their tutoring skills each week, and a reflection that is required each week. "Sometimes, I would just rather work with someone my own age," says GEAR UP student Katie Suarez

The great thing about this model is that not only are the students being tutored growing, but the peer mentor as well. Every peer mentor was asked the question "Would you continue to peer mentor as a high school student, if given the chance?" and it was a unanimous YES!!!! 

GEAR UP and the counseling staff are SO PROUD of all 18 of our peer mentors, and hope that the skills and tips they've learned through peer mentoring will pay off in the future. The last training will take place next Wednesday, where tutors will provide feed back on what worked best and worst for them. 

Thanks so much to all you BRAVE tutors! 

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