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Moses Lake GEAR UP students visit Oregon State Colleges

“Earning the chance to go to the Oregon trip with GEAR UP was an amazing opportunity. I got the chance to visit the University of Oregon, Oregon State University, and the Art Institute of Portland for free! I couldn't let the chance slip out of my hands therefore I turned in my application and I got elected to attend. Visiting these campuses was beneficial for me because I got the opportunity to learn more about the majors each university offered and the student life. I really enjoyed my time going to Oregon because I got to socialize with people I did not know and learn more about the opportunities available for me to attend a university” - Rosa Valdivia 11th grade student from Moses Lake High School.

Rosa’s experience attending the recent Oregon college visit trip with Moses Lake High School and Columbia Basin Secondary School GEAR UP program is a great example of what the 42 students who attended enjoyed about the trip. The students who attended gave up 4 days of their spring break to view colleges in the state of Oregon and learn more about their future options for postsecondary education. Many of the students commented on the fact that they now see going to a college in a bordering state as an option with the assistance of financial aid and scholarships. Some of the other students who attended commented:

“I have many new options for me to choose from.”

“I’m going to tell my parents how I learned to pick the right career path for me, and college.”

“I’m going to tell my parents that I’m planning on applying for scholarships, because I really want to go to college.”

“It encouraged me to do better in school so I can attend a college/university.”

For the 9th, 11th, and 12th grade students who attended from the HOH3 and HOH2 GEAR UP grants these four days were an excellent learning experience. Our students were able to visit Oregon State University, University of Oregon, the Art Institute of Portland, and the school of Architecture and Allied Arts through the University of Oregon. The students had the opportunity to tour each campus, meet with admissions and financial aid representatives, and in some cases were even able to meet with professors and students from the various programs to get a better understanding of what college life and academics are really all about. The students had a great time and learned valuable information about out of state options which will help them as they make their final decisions about where to attend college in their future. 

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