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GEAR UP HOH III Student Success 2014

Yoali Ortega is a smart and charismatic young woman. Her life goals are high, and the standards she sets for herself are not typical of others in her class. I was not at all surprised to learn that she would be competing in the GEAR UP Career Showcase at WSU Tri Cities

Yoali’s presentation was about Pediatrics. She would like to be a pediatrician and took the time to investigate what that would entail. She did not flinch at the amount of schooling or the rigor of the programs. “My dad wanted to be a doctor. It was a dream he had that can never be fulfilled. I can do this for him and for me.” Yoali said.

Parents were invited to WSU Tri Cities, enjoyed a catered meal, and watched as each student was introduced and presented their projects. Yoali said she was nervous of course, but not as nervous as she thought she would be. For their participation, each student received a Texas Instruments Graphing Calculator. In future years it is likely that Yoali will benefit from the GEAR UP program many more times before she graduates and takes the next steps into adulthood.

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