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GEAR UP Tutoring at Prescott School

At Prescott School, the GEAR UP before and after school programs are a big part of the culture for HOH II and HOH III grants. Students drag themselves out of bed to catch a 6:20 am bus, sometimes every morning. Students also stay after school for over an hour to get the same sort of help offered in the morning. For a tutor, this is a great time to connect with students, keep track of their progress, encourage them, and help them with their schoolwork. Some of these kids do not have access to a computer at home. Having an available computer lab before and after school is vital to their success.

The focus for next year will go above and beyond help with schoolwork. Next year’s seniors will meet with GEAR UP tutors to ensure college readiness. Every senior will be signed up for After that they will complete college applications, their FAFSA form, and scholarship applications. Tutors will meet with seniors regularly to make sure they are on track for their individual plans.

The GEAR-UP presence at our small school has made the difference for our students. Going to college is an attainable goal; some students just need a little help getting there. GEAR UP offers many tools for them to use. Tutoring is one of them.

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