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Park Middle School Student Edwin Garcia Steps It Up

Edwin Garcia walks the halls of Park Middle School with a smile on his face, and rightly deserved! Last year he struggled with certain mathematical concepts and as a result was placed in math remedial classes. Although attending this remedial math class was essential for Edwin meeting academic grade appropriate expectations as a seventh grade student it comes with a cost; giving up an elective course. Through Edwin's determination and the assistance of the GEAR UP program and their tutors at Park Middle School, Edwin is proud to announce he is now out of corrective math classes and "gets" to take a science course.

Edwin attended the after school tutorial held by GEAR UP and worked one on one with the tutors in the Cub Den in order to bring up his grades. He stated that "working with the tutors helped because I was able to practice what I was learning and ask questions whenever I didn't understand". Edwin described the best part of getting out of corrective math was getting the opportunity to take science and learn more. Being successful in math has motivated him to strive for more.

Edwin is the oldest of four children. He is very proud of his father who works in a family business as a welder and his mom who is dedicated to taking care of the family and is always there to support Edwin. Edwin's goal this year is to get straight A's on his report card for his father and he knows how important it is to his father for him to attend college.

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