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Magic Happens with Speaker Brad Barton

What a great way to kick off the start with a new year with Park Middle School GEAR UP with a visit from inspirational speaker, Brad Barton. Brad's message rings loud and clear as he repeatedly told the students and their parents to "be the magic by making good choices"! The message spoke right in line with the GEAR UP program's final goal, to increase the rate of post secondary entrance and graduation in our cohorts, and had the students and parents chanting "one, two, four or MORE" to drive the point home.

As Brad elicited each students' undivided attention, he demonstrates that life is full of illusions but they (the students) are in control of their own life outcome through their choices, decisions, and dedication to their education. Even more powerful, Brad just isn't another person telling the students that they can be more, he reveals his own person life struggles and through his hard work, determination, and connection to adult mentors he was able to overcome the idea that he wasn't meant for college.

As an added bonus Brad Barton was able to captivate GEAR UP parents' during our first parent night of the 2013-2014 school year. Brad spoke to the importance of the words that we say to young people and how the words of parents and mentors in a students' life can either encourage and bring about great successes, or set up a child for a difficult uphill climb towards success.

Thanks Brad for such a great day and a great start to our school year!

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