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May News at Housel MS

Towards the end of the school year students as well as staff start to prepare for the summer ahead. Everyone has worked hard all year and with so much going on we sometimes start to wind down before we should. Senioritis isn’t only a senior thing! But before we wrap up the 2013-2014 school year, there are still some things that need to be done.

May has been a busy month for exams in particular. The MSP which stands for Measurement of Student Progress is underway for all students. This test, like its name implies, is to see what the students have learned and how much they have progressed over the year. All students do not test at the same time and the window for this test runs from May 15th through May 22nd.

Another major test essential for the 8th graders is the End of Course exam, also referred to as the EOC. This exam tests students’ knowledge about what they have covered in their math class over the whole year. There are a total of 43 questions which includes multiple choice, fill in the blank and short answer responses. The students must get at least a 40% to pass this exam and if they do not pass they will have to retake it next year as freshmen during the month of January. It is important for students to try their best and pass this test the first time because this is the time the material will be fresh in their brains. If they fail and have to retake it in January then they would have gone almost a year without reviewing the material which won’t be much of an advantage for them.

All 8th grade math classes have spent the year preparing and reminding the students the importance of the EOC. One class in particular that has been working extra hard to prep our 8th graders has been Mrs. Cole’s Algebra 1 class. The tutors assigned to her room take notice the amount of effort put in by both the teacher and the students to ensure that each student is capable of understanding and putting to practice all they have learned. There’s no doubt that Housel is filled with great teachers and Mrs. Cole is a great example of someone who truly cares and wants to see her students succeed. Thanks to her hard word and dedication we can expect great results coming from her students and Housel is grateful to have an excellent teacher like her!

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