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A Fashionable GEAR UP Room in Dayton

At the end of last school year, we found out we had to move the GEAR UP class into another room. It is always a chore to pack up and move rooms even though it was just across the hall. Coming into the new room, we were depressed looking at it. It has no windows, wires were hanging from the ceiling and on the floor because it was used as an overflow room for the library. Cupboards lined the walls with 20-year old school books. There were no white boards, screen or digital projector for PowerPoint or DVDs.

After the cupboards were emptied, we utilized them with GEAR UP supplies.  The next thing we did was to give the room a new paint job.  After the room was painted in crimson and gray with a black stripe, we lined the walls with different college banners and pennants.  We got our white board up along with college posters.  The students coming into class always comment, telling us this is the best room in the school.  Teachers who walk into our room have a positive comment whether they are a fan or not of the WSU colors.  For us who work in the room, it is positive and pleasant to be surrounded by Coug colors, college posters and pennants. 

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